Our Services

We are a team of

like-minded, independent innovation catalysts

who facilitate creative change management processes for organisations and companies

Our Services

At SynNovation we help leaders in organisations to unlock new opportunities and solve problems by creating a stimulating culture where people and ideas can thrive, using tried and tested methods and creativity as a magic ingredient.

Imagine what it would be like if your teams were energised to solve problems creatively and action ideas together with a high level of commitment? Many organisations know creativity and problem-solving skills are essential, but don't quite know how to get their team there. We are experts in making that happen in a surprisingly short time.

How we can help you is to use creative problem solving and design thinking tools to achieve collaboration, innovation and action.

What makes us unique is that we achieve improved team performance in minimum time by seamlessly integrating collaboration, creativity and change management.

People will feel energised because they experience positive fun together.

The Synectics / SynNovation process, supported by neuroscience findings, has a proven track record of achieving lasting change for individuals and teams in organisations around the world.

3 Key Steps

We share thinking skills that enable people to access their creative genius and “think smartly,” and then turn creative ideas into practical planning.

We help to establish a positive culture that is essential for genuine engagement and effective collaboration. This ensures creative thinking transforms into innovation and sustainable change.

We define a 'problem' as the gap between where you are and where you want to be; and 'change' as finding ways to get there. Our secret to success is collaborative change – seasoned with creativity – that enables people to embrace the new.

Our Products

We partner with you to:

  • Equip your people with the behaviours that build a collaborative climate
  • Stimulate creative problem solving to sustain business excellence through constant innovation
  • Build team engagement, ownership and enthusiasm to implement action plans
  • Enable exceptional customer care: happy end-users mean a stronger bottom line.

We facilitate:

  • Ideation and strategy thought-shops for teams
  • Problem-solving for multiple stakeholder projects
  • Customer-directed innovation thought-shops
  • Win-win solutions in conflict situations
  • Personal and team development through workshops and Belbin team-role profiling
  • Diversity, gender and inclusivity programmes
  • Events and conferences with active participation.

To find out how our powerful process can energise your business and your people, please get in touch.