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SynNovation is

unique, highly participative, very practical

- available in person and online

“We used the approach to address both strategic and operational problems creatively, up to action plans – for collaborative innovation.
Our entire team was very impressed both with the effectiveness and efficiency of the SynNovation process (addressing several tasks in really new ways, in a limited time); and with the way in which the approach also energises people and helps to build positive relations.”

“I learnt about how to come up with innovative ideas in a productive and fun way.
I also learnt how to solve complex problems using simple proven methods that are both fun and creative.”

“I benefited a lot. I am open-minded now. I have a lot of tools to help me work better in groups.”

“I was also greatly impressed by the unique power of the SynNovation process, to bring people together – while at the same time they generate novel ideas on a wide range of tasks, and turn them into practical plans with high levels of ownership.”

“Everyone in the group brought into the process and participated.

We were excited about the way in which the process stimulated innovative and creative thinking among middle-aged bureaucrats!

Particularly valuable were the creative and concrete proposals that resulted.”

“I really believe I can use the tools to benefit creatively. They are practical, not just creative.”

“Who thought it would be so much fun, doing such serious work?”

“I gained a lot of insight in the creative world and how much one can get from it in a short period of time. I now have a much clearer approach and tools to use in establishing my business as I already had the idea, but not enough tools.”

“What I saw today was many open hearts.
A willingness to share freely, and unite for a better future.

I commit to building from this day by pursuing projects that can make a positive impact in people’s lives, and perhaps inspire people to put aside their fears and co-create in harmony.”