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Our team

Lu-Marie Sobey - Founder

Lu-Marie has many work-related interests and likes to keep a balance between work that requires analytical thinking and work that requires creative thinking. She primarily focuses on creativity, innovation and change; quality management system auditing and consulting as well as training.

Creativity and innovation

As co-founder of SynNovation Solutions, she is excited to work in the field of creative problem-solving and innovation as consultant, facilitator and trainer of innovation skills. "It is great to see people discover for themselves their hidden creative abilities and to see groups of people learn to solve problems together, and to find new solutions and adopt a more fun, productive way of working together long after our facilitation or training".

The firm uses the SynNovation approach, based on the internationally renowned Synectics process, which they have adapted and combined with other approaches to provide a Total Innovation Programme (TIP). The TIP addresses strategic and operational issues both innovatively and practically - while also building a positive climate and skills that promote creativity and collaboration. The process works well for innovation - to develop new products, for customer- focused innovation and solving problems with novel solutions, and to achieve culture change - to energise people, change the work climate, implement and manage company change, and overcome conflict.

Quality Management systems

Lu-Marie has had wide experience in the food industry since 1988. With a background in Food Science she is still very active in the food industry as an expert in management systems that promote quality and product safety in food and beverage production, and encourage continuous improvement. This keeps her analytical brain happy. The standards she is qualified to work in are ISO 9001, SANS 10330, ISO 22 000, PAS 220, BRC Food, BRC IOP.

She helps companies with practical implementation of standards and does certification audits with leading certification bodies.


Lu-Marie also enjoys developing and presenting novel training material. She skilfully combines creative and analytical thinking skills in her training. She has developed training material in all areas of her expertise including quality, food safety and innovation. She custom makes training material to suit the needs of individual clients, for example a custom made HACCP course for Coca-Cola to equip bottling plants across Africa to implement HACCP, and an auditing course for the SA Bureau of Standards. She has also been selected as a facilitator to present training for Duke Corporate Education as part of a major change programme.

Lu-Marie holds a degree in Food Science from the University of Pretoria. In 2012 she completed the Certificate in NeuroLeadership at University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) with distinction. After she had worked for Nampak R&D and SGS Foods division, monitoring all Pick 'n Pay suppliers, she started as an independent consultant in 1995.

She is married and has twin boys. In her free time she likes to work on projects that promote safety in her community, using the creative problem solving approach.