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Our team

Brian Ford - SynNovator

Brian is an entrepreneur, with valuable experience in executive and general management, business development and project management.

After more than 25 years’ experience in the IT industry, predominantly in the Financial Services sector, Brian has joined the SynNovation team, mainly because of his fascination with innovation, and its power as a competitive advantage.  While working on a PhD on this topic, he is also working with the team to expand the impact of SynNovation, to enhance performance in business, in government and in communities.

Brian started off in IT in 1984 as a Computer Operator, became a programmer / developer in 1986 and progressed along the career ladder as an Analyst / Programmer, Systems Analyst and Project Manager.  He has consulted as a Business / Systems Analyst and as a Project Manager to various companies in Cape Town and Gauteng. He has more than 20 years of management experience as a team leader, project manager and executive director.

Brian has more than 13 years of executive management, and sales and business development experience. Brian was one of the founders of Alacrity (, was sales and marketing director from 2002 and was appointed CEO in Feb 2011.  After the acquisition of Alacrity by Argility, Brian became the group business development executive of Argility ( Brian was also an executive director of Keystroke Holdings (, and helped grow the company from scratch, to become a firm with more than 25 employees in 8 months. Brian is also mentoring 3 start-ups in business management.

Brian holds a BCom (Honours) from the University of the Western Cape and an MBA from the University of Cape Town (Graduate School of Business). The Title of his thesis is “Using Innovation to Drive Competitiveness.”  He has various IT qualifications, including a Diploma in Structured Programming and a Diploma in Project Management.