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Women Bloom in Many Ways

Women Bloom in many ways was the theme of a stimulating talk that Truida gave to about 40 women working at the PPC head office in Sandton.   PPC (Pretoria Portland Cement) has won awards for its successful programme to develop women staff in an industry that is not typically regarded as “a women’s world.”  The programme is led by Francie Shonhiwa, PPC group manager of Corporate Social Investment.

In this very participative talk, Truida uses a garden and different flowers as metaphor for roles, identities, life seasons, choices, goals and needs of women.    The talk helps people from all levels to view and value themselves, their colleagues, and their potential in new ways – and to be more aware of, and attend to their own and others’ needs, to ensure personal growth.  If there are men and women in the audience, the title changes to People grow in many ways– with trees as a metaphor for men and their lives.   

Truida pioneered work on the advancement of women in South Africa in the 1970s.  Besides our shared interests in innovation and change management and leadership – several of our associates also work in the fields of gender, diversity and inclusivity: Stella Nkomo, Lize Booysen, Melanie Burke, Tania Vergnani, Mabatho Seeiso, Karen Harrison, Timothy Visser, Sabine Amend and Devi Rajab.