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Our team

Belinda Kovachi - SynNovator

Belinda is a freelance facilitator and employee engagement consultant.  Using SynNovation concepts and processes, she helps organisations to unlock the potential of their employees.  SynNovation provides tried and tested facilitation, team processes and planning methods that engage the hearts and minds of employees, allowing them to bring their best to the workplace.

Belinda has 24 years of experience in the corporate world, including information technology, financial services, petrochemicals and publishing Industries.  She has worked in the IT, human resources and change management fields.  Belinda is most passionate about employee engagement and talent management, and believes that any company can be the “Best Company to Work for”. 

Areas of specialisation include innovation facilitation, climate and engagement survey design, management assessment through 360 Feedback, team facilitation, co-creative business planning, organisational development consulting, organisational design and workforce planning.

Belinda has a Bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology (NMMU) and an Advanced Diploma in Management Practice (UCT GSB).  She is also a certified SynNovation facilitator, and participates in related workshops and courses whenever she can.   Her natural curiosity spurs her on to seek out new knowledge and skills that she can apply to her work.

Belinda likes to live a balanced life, spending quality time with her husband and daughter.  Having four dogs ensures that she regularly gets to spend time walking in the beautiful forests, mountains and beaches that Cape Town offers.