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Common Purpose leaders think afresh.

Thirty five participants, in two groups, in the Cape Town Meridian Programme of Common Purpose had an exciting experience of SynNovation on January 21.  Helen and Truida facilitated two half-day workshops in which we looked at creativity as a source of power.  We linked SynNovation to aspects of leadership, inclusivity and power, and then participants had fun learning SynNovation principles and tools by working in small groups, using these on their own tasks.  As dessert, the group experienced a facilitated session, putting various tools together, to develop new thinking on projects of two of the participants.

Special guests at the morning workshop were Lele Mehlomakulu, head of Human Resources of Allan Gray, and Gudrun Fey, a visiting management consultant from Stuttgart, Germany.

Common Purpose is an international NGO, using a highly creative approach to inspirational leadership development with people from business, government, NGOs and education.  SynNovation associate Melanie Burke also heads Common Purpose in Cape Town. 

A typical quote from a participant: “Lovely energy and got through a lot of content very effectively.  I felt this was very valuable and gave me some tools. I enjoyed generating ideas with people - a good way to start the year”.   

Enjoy more pics of the day in our Facebook album.