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Timothy Visser - Associate

Timothy Visser believes that innovation is the cornerstone of management and leadership: This is a key skill for those of us who wish to positively influence our environment - regardless of the fields in which we choose to make our contribution. Furthermore he believes it is important to encourage and grow people to be courageous enough to work towards what they are capable of achieving.  Originally a client of SynNovation, for facilitated sessions with his staff, Tim wanted to get to know the process better, was trained, and now works with the SynNovation team on occasion as an associate.

Timothy put his ideals into practice in his work as a medical practitioner in the past two decades.  He graduated from the University of Cape Town (UCT) with his basic MB ChB in 1993, and later became Head of Internal Medicine at Conradie Hospital in Cape Town, then Senior Medical Superintendent.  During this time he established a Foreign Elective teaching programme, was curator of the junior medical staff and continuing professional education, and initiated a response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the form of a dedicated clinic and hospice.  A highlight was being invited by the United States government, along with Helen Suzman, to speak in Washington, in 1997, discussing the plight of medical education for previously disadvantaged students. 

He brings with him an understanding of the public healthcare landscape and finds that his leadership and managerial experience is invaluable in most fields where processes, efficiency, accountability and innovation are needed to ensure sustainability. Always keen to have people become interdependent and collaborative, he employs his training as coach in helping to cultivate a reflective practice both in himself. and in those for whom he has the privilege of creating a nourishing and expansive space in which to grow.

Tim is probably best known for the remarkable work he did when, in 2002, he commissioned Eerste River Hospital near Cape Town, and with various innovations (and despite financial constraints) turned this Government hospital into a high-quality operation on which community, patients and staff were proud, and that even impressed foreign visitors.  During his tenure, he established academic ties with three local universities, as well as with foreign universities, in the broader fields of health sciences, and also in business.  Various initiatives were geared towards providing high quality care, and at the same time extending horizons, allowing others to feel that their perceptions of what was possible, could change positively and exceed expectations.

He ended his public health career in 2012 as Chief Executive Officer, and maintains a full clinical professional practice as an Emergency medicine consultant for private hospitals both locally and internationally. He has worked in the United Kingdom for 13 years intermittently as an Accident and Emergency Consultant, mainly in Lancashire. Timothy is currently a Remote Site Emergency Physician delivering a health service to the United Nations in Mogadishu, Somalia, as well as mentoring and partnering with the nearby African Union field hospital. He feels here he is able to render a service both as a medical practitioner and manager / coach.

He is finding the field of organisational effectiveness, ethical leadership and followership becoming more part of his current interest, and he frequently speaks at conferences and workshops on these topics.