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SynNovation at Studietrust Winter Schools

SynNovation facilitated six workshops in June and July, to share SynNovation principles and techniques with six groups of engineering and science students who have scholarships from Sasol Inzalo.  At a series of winter study schools arranged by Studietrust, held at Heron Bridge Retreat, north of Johannesburg, the students had an opportunity to learn new thinking and problem-solving skills, and had fun working in small groups and pairs on own problems.  They valued the opportunity to use practical tools to think more creatively, and also the interpersonal and group skills that they learned in the highly participative workshops.

Students also benefitted from practical workshops offered by the Ukuqonda Institute, which has developed unique approaches to promote excellence in mathematics, physical science and technology education.  

Studietrust is a remarkable organisation that has been providing scholarships and support systems for students for almost 40 years.   It was started by Rev Jan Hofmeyr in Soweto in 1974.  Often these students are the first generation in their families to enter tertiary education – yet the success rates of these students have consistently been remarkably high.  Several major South African companies now have Studietrust assisting them with running their scholarship programmes, and mentoring their students.

SynNovation co-founder Lu-Marie Sobey (now living in Perth, Australia) facilitated three of the workshops, while Truida Prekel and Angela Ho facilitated in all six, and Mabatho Seeiso, Janey Edwards and Thelma Machogo co-facilitated in some of the workshops.

To see more photos from this series of workshops please visit the SynNovation Facebook page.