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Neuroleadership and Creativity

The NeuroLeadership Group of South Africa invited SynNovation to share a road show of four mini workshops in which we linked recent findings on neuroleadership with the practical ground-rules and tools that we use in SynNovation.  In late February and early March Truida Prekel shared the stage with Colleen Bloem or Mary-Joe Emden, in 2-hour workshops in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban.  In Cape Town, Tania Vergnani also joined the team. 

Between 30 and 45 people from a wide range of businesses attended in each centre.  They first learned the key ground-rules and positive behaviours of Synectics / SynNovation that help to create a “safe” environment in which the brain works at its best.  Then they had fun in small group sessions, “playing” with SynNovation tools like Lateral Linking® (to generate new features for a product or service) and Constructive Evaluation (to give new ideas “hands and feet”).

The NeuroLeadership Institute is an international organisation that brings together the exciting research being done in neuroscience with the field of leadership in order to make the knowledge accessible and useful for leaders, managers and coaches.  The NLI offers a one-year Certificate in NeuroLeadership through Stellenbosch University Business School, USB, on which SynNovation also facilitates for one day, building the linkages between the course materials and practical application of thinking skills.  (SynNovation co-founder Lu-Marie Sobey completed this Certificate with distinction in 2012.) 

SynNovation has for many years been fascinated by how often clients and individual participants report lasting change and positive climates after SynNovation interventions.  Some years ago, Synectics founder George first started pointing at the influence of the emerging neuroscience findings showing how and why the approach that they had developed in the late 1950s has lasting benefits.  Truida and Lu-Marie started exploring this further, and are working with other team members, particularly Tania Vergnani and Le Roux van der Westhuizen, on using this in further developing our offerings of both facilitates thought-shops and innovation training.