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Some nostalgia and some new energies!

In 1980, Truida, (having done her MBL dissertation on the topic), started Womanpower in Pretoria to provide training opportunities for women in a time when few companies invested in management development of women.  The Womanpower team often met in Café Riche, a historic building on Pretoria’s Church Square, owned by team member Lamé Ebersohn.  Several Womanpower members are now either in other countries, or deceased. 

When Truida realised she and Lame (who lives in Stellenbosch) would both be in Pretoria on 15 November, she invited several Womanpower members and other younger business women to join them.  The 15thNovember also happened to be a special event at Café Riche – celebrating the arrival of the new wine in typical French tradition “Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!”  There was lively discussion on issues affecting communities, business and women professionals, and on what women could do to help address the many challenges facing communities and families in South Africa.

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