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Our team

Christine Hurst - Associate

Christine is a former HR Director with over 20 years' experience. Based in the United Kingdom, she now works mainly in the areas of innovation facilitation, change management and creativity training.   Until recently, Chris also spent several years first in South Africa, and then in Australia, where she also broadened her experience in the areas of innovation and human resource management.

She has many years experience working with the Synectics body of knowledge. Then also based in the UK, she worked all over Europe, in the United States and as far afield as Japan. Synectics is a very powerful process facilitation used when people or companies want to create something ‘new' – and make it happen.

Some typical applications are:

  • Developing and communicating ‘big' messages, for example a new strategy
  • Winning commitment (like to a new strategy!)
  • Getting an organisation's people to work together to achieve results
  • New product development and Innovating with your consumers (market opinion and invention all rolled into one)
  • Naming products and services
  • Conflict resolution, particularly after mergers and acquisitions

As well as having a lot of experience designing and delivering these methodologies in many organisations (working in such diverse areas as xeolitic calciners through insurance to chocolate bars!), she has also held management and senior HR positions in the hotel industry and emerging technology companies. Chris has also worked as an assistant to the UK's Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs.

Currently Chris is developing her new idea of bringing life coaching to those who are not able to afford private sessions. This involves working in groups and includes a “coaching club” in which delegates “buddy up” to support each other’s progress. She has found ways of using the Synectics BOK to enable people to think creatively about how to achieve their dreams.