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Our team

Helen Andrews - SynNovator

Helen’s career began at Synectics where she was a junior facilitator, developing the creative edge for clients in sessions to stimulate new thinking.  She worked on various projects in the UK, Europe, USA and China. Her main focus was on new product development as a part of a team that helped clients to uncover new consumer insights and to develop new services and products off the back of those insights. She used her illustration skills to visualise product ideas and business concepts as they emerged in the sessions.

Facilitation and Innovation work

Helen now works with SynNovation, where she facilitates sessions to take clients on a creative journey from problem or task through to fresh, new solutions and action plans. Helen is passionate about the SynNovation way and the energy that collaboration and teamwork generates. She is also responsible for maintaining the website, branding and social media presence of the company.

White Rabbit Days - Design

Helen is a trained graphic designer with a degree in visual communication from Stellenbosch University. She specialises in design for print and social media communication for small businesses.

Helen gained most of her professional design experience at Lbdesign UK as one third of the small London and Philadelphia based communications agency. Helen coordinated ongoing client projects for print and online media, developed new business within the UK and coached clients in using social media to build their brand. She has worked on print and web projects for organisations ranging from small start-ups to large non-profits.

Helen now freelances for a number of companies and design agencies around the Western Cape. View her portfolio at

White Rabbit Days - Jewellery

Helen also applies her creative skills to a range of custom-designed leather, lace and beaded jewellery, a passion of hers for many years. She sells at a number of online boutiques and exclusive stores around Cape Town. See her work on the White Rabbit Days Facebook page

Helen spent a year living and working in Thailand as a high school English teacher and trainer. She’s a keen traveler, wine drinker, mountain walker and is infinitely curious about life. Helen is passionate about doing work that inspires her and absorbing knowledge and beautiful, new experiences on the way.