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George Prince - An Invaluable Legacy

Truida with George and Kathleen Prince
Truida with George and Kathleen Prince on a visit to the USA some years ago

When George Prince, co-founder of Synectics, passed away on 9 June 2009, he left an invaluable legacy which has enriched the lives of many thousands of people world-wide. Until a few months before his death at age 92, he was still very active, and he and his wife Kathleen Logan continued with research and publications in which they combined Synectics principles with the latest developments in psychology including emotional intelligence, field theory and neuroscience. We quote from a Synecticsworld® newsletter, The Catalyst, where CEO Terry Gilliam wrote:

"One of George Prince's favorite observations about life is that we are all put here to make meaning, that the meaning we make by the way we live our lives is what distinguishes us in the food chain. George made meaning in big ways, such as starting up Synecticsworld in 1960. Then and now, our firm derives its purpose from the Synectics Body of Knowledge that George and his partner Bill Gordon began to build even earlier in the mid 1950's.

"When I asked George just a couple of years ago why he started Synecticsworld, he answered in a snap "to change the way people work with one another." It is no coincidence that our firm's vision is to Change the way people interact and inspire the way they relate to their world by releasing and enriching their creativity. Neither is it a happenstance that our business purpose is to enable collaborative innovation among the world's rising organizations and their leaders.

"...Asked what happens to people who faithfully use Synectics, George said, 'As you practice, you will regain the facility and freedom you once had as a child.' The forever young movement is a George Prince legacy."

When Heinz and Truida Prekel visited the USA some years ago, one of the main purposes was to visit and personally meet George. The treasured picture shows Truida with George and Kathleen during discussions in which Heinz and Truida learned much, and George and Kathleen expressed interest in the ways in which the process has been used in South Africa. Since then, George took interest in our work, and gave some great suggestions and encouragement in valued e-mail correspondence when Truida and Lu-Marie needed a sounding board in designing unusual assignments. You may want to visit George's website to read some of his insights in his own voice.

Sharing SynNovation approaches with Synectors in UK

EXCITE! is a group started by Synectics pioneer Vincent Nolan to promote innovation in education in the United Kingdom. SynNovation has close contact with EXCITE! because of our shared interest in stimulating creativity in and through education. Truida was invited to present the Art and Craft of Innovation to 22 EXCITE! team members - as SynNovation has developed a novel way of putting across Synectics principles. Here Truida is with Vincent Nolan and Jasmine Dale - who visited South Africa twice to train initially (in 1996) Truida, Heinz and early local Synectors in Synectics, and later Lu-Marie and other associates (in 2000). The EXCITE! members enjoyed the "new look" materials. Vincent said "Although I have worked with Synectics for 40 years, I was spell-bound for two and a half hours!".

A team from Synectics in Education participate in a workshop by SynNovation

Synectics EXCITE group facilitated by Truida