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Toolkit for Ideas

A hands-on workshop where participants “get their hands dirty”. They use and practise creativity tools to address their own real tasks. The tools start from the simplest building blocks for creativity, and are then combined. Although people can use the tools on their own, participants will be equipped to use the tools with colleagues after the workshop.

It provides tools

  • To improve products and services
  • To improve the way things are done
  • To get new perspectives through the use of mental excursions
  • To evaluate ideas constructively
  • Show how various tools can be used in combination.

This half day workshop is suitable for groups of up to 20 people who need to use creativity tools on their own or with colleagues like managers, marketing and quality personnel, or anyone whose job can be enhanced by creative problem solving.

Toolkit for ideas Muenster Germany

At Muenster University in Germany, faculty and admin staff learned new skills in a Toolkit for Ideas workshop.

Students enjoying a joke during the Wilgenhof Toolkit

The Wilgenhof HK during their one day toolbox workshop with SynNovation.