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Thinking, Innovation and Problem Solving Skills (TIPS!)


Thinking, Innovation and Problem-solving Skills - TIPS!
Practical innovation tools and TIPS! for teams

Formerly called WITS! – Workshop in Innovation and Team Skills

A two day “learn by doing workshop” where participants, often from the same organisation, discover and learn one of the most powerful innovation processes available world-wide.

In addition to learning the process, participants will be taught how to use on their own or with colleagues, a variety of tools that make up the process. After the workshop, the team trained will be able to use the process unaided with groups who have also done the TIPS! or Toolbox, but not with untrained groups.

Most suitable for teams of people responsible, for example, for innovation, client relations, research, product development, business development, HR, marketing and problem-solving, or operational efficiency – to train them together in order to use the skills together afterwards. However, individuals also benefit professionally and personally from the various principles and tools they learn.

This is a two day workshop with a possible value adds of a pre-work workshop on tasks, or a follow-up, half-day workshop with colleagues to cascade concepts or ideas.

Participants at a recent TIPS in Johannesburg
Participants share a laugh at a recent TIPS! held in Johannesburg in 2013.

A group working through a task at our latest TIPS!
A group working through a task at a TIPS! workshop.

Anee and a colleague work thorugh the open-mindedness exercise at an in-house TIPS! at Nampak
Anee Sieberhagen of Nampak and Jim Lees of UWC work thorugh the open-mindedness exercise at a TIPS! workshop.