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Innovation Training

We offer a range of innovation skills workshops, varying in length and level. You will learn-by-doing practical skills that will enable you to unlock creativity, innovation and positive change in yourself, in individuals and in teams.  The highly participative and fun workshops will equip you and your colleagues with the principles, and practical tools of the very powerful SynNovation approach – to both generate novel ideas, and develop them into do-able action pans.

We work in small groups, and practise on participants’ own, real tasks that require novel solutions. You will learn as you experience and work with the tried and tested innovation techniques.  We use videotaping and constructive feedback to build both skills and understanding in participants.  Content includes

  • Positive and negative behaviours that help – or hinder – creativity, innovation and participation
  • Effective ground rules, thinking tools and how these combine to empower you through the efficient SynNovation process
  • How to build a climate that fosters creativity and innovation
  • How and where to use the various tools and principles..

We can also custom-design training for clients, combining SynNovation skills with other elements such as leadership, communication, diversity, gender and team effectiveness,

Fees vary according to length of workshops, levels and numbers of participants, and numbers of facilitators required.  The more time we have, the more depth we can give in learning.