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Our team

The three founders of SynNovation, Truida, Heinz and Lu-Marie, have invited a select group of independent associates with outstanding expertise and skills, to work with us to augment the range of services and topics we offer clients. Besides the diversity of thought and perspectives that team members bring, this enriches all of us through knowledge sharing and joint development of new concepts. We can also compose optimal teams for different assignments: both in innovation – where we have a team of 10 trained SynNovators; and in other areas such as leadership, gender, diversity, strategy, communication, entrepreneurship– where the expertise of Other Associates, both local and international, can complement our own.

Truida Prekel


Creative problem-solving, innovation, culture change and diversity management are Truida's main areas of practice. Her other areas of expertise and interest are skills development, team effectiveness, interpersonal relations, gender and diversity management, communication, and personal and career...

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Heinz Prekel


Heinz is a retired management consultant in the areas of quantitative management, decision-making techniques and innovation. Heinz used to facilitate innovation and change workshops but now concentrates on statistical analyses of research data, management and administrative aspects, such as reports,...

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Lu-Marie Sobey


Lu-Marie has many work-related interests and likes to keep a balance between work that requires analytical thinking and work that requires creative thinking. She primarily focuses on creativity, innovation and change; quality management system auditing and consulting as well as training. Although she lives...

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Angela Ho


As a relatively new SynNovator, Angela has been exposed to SynNovation for several years as she worked with co-founder Lu-Marie Sobey on various projects.  Her wide range of business experience and as a facilitator makes her an asset in our team.

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Belinda Kovachi


Belinda is a freelance facilitator and employee engagement consultant.  Using SynNovation concepts and processes, she helps organisations to unlock the potential of their employees.  SynNovation provides tried and tested facilitation, team processes and planning methods that engage the hearts and minds...

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Bertus Louw


Bertus Louw is an independent consultant specializing in the fields of creativity, media, tourism, relief work and sustainable development.  His association with SynNovation started in 2007 at a workshop for NGO’s involved in relief efforts after the South East Asian tsunami.  He is also a film maker...

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Brian Ford


After more than 25 years in the IT industry, mainly in the financial services field, Brian has joined the SynNovation team due to his fascination with innovation and its power to create a genuine competitive advantage. Brian is an entrepreneur, with valuable experience in executive and general management,...

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Bronwyn Redding-Jones

Bronwyn is a marketer, facilitator, mentor, occasional restaurant critic and prolific Pinner. Ultimately, all of what she does is to help people get more inspired, be more organised and have more fun -  be it through experiential marketing, idea generation or even wine tasting. As the newest member of...

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Dale Cilliers


Dale Cilliers is a medical practitioner.  He has a keen interest in problem solving, creativity and innovation. He enjoys working with groups to facilitate new thinking.  He has a passion for education and public speaking, and regularly addresses colleagues and community groups on a range of current...

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Helen Andrews


Helen Andrews is a Cape Town-based innovation facilitator and designer.  She specialises in facilitating groups through the SynNovation process to generate new innovative ideas and uses her creative background in design for print, corporate identity work, branding and social media communication.  Helen’s...

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Mabatho Seeiso


Mabatho studied an honours degree in Economics and Marketing from the University of Wales , Aberystwyth College and an MBA from Hull University . When she joined the financial services industry in 2001 she realized that she needed specialist understanding of the Industry and decided to further study an...

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Melanie Burke


Melanie Burke left full-time corporate employment in 2005 to start her own company, MAB and Associates (Pty) Ltd - a company that focuses on transformation and technology solutions for social development and business support. Melanie also coaches and builds capacity through her role as senior programme...

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Stella Nkomo


Stella M. Nkomo is a Professor in the Department of Human Resource Management at the University of Pretoria, in Pretoria, South Africa. Prior to joining the University of Pretoria she was the Bateman Distinguished Professor of Business Leadership at the University of South Africa's Graduate School of...

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Tania Vergnani


Tania is a facilitator using the SynNovation process for collaborative innovation and creative problem-solving. She is passionate about the vital importance of creating critically thinking citizens that can help address the huge diversity of problems facing everything living on this planet.

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Christine Hurst


Christine is a former HR Director with over 20 years' experience. Based in the United Kingdom, she now works mainly in the areas of innovation facilitation, change management and creativity training.   Until recently, Chris also spent several years first in South Africa, and then in Australia, where she...

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Ferose Oaten


Ferose is the Managing Director of AVTS Roadworthy Stations, employing 73 staff members at 7 branches in the Cape Peninsula.  AVTS, established in 1992, is the only group of test stations in the country to have achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification.  Ferose is also a majority shareholder in Sure Travel...

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Karen Harrison


Karen is an independent consultant specialising in economic and community development, and in particular in promoting innovation in strategic management in the public and non-governmental sectors.  She is also a skilled facilitator and trainer.

Her current work profile includes providing...

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Lize Booysen


Lize Booysen is professor of Organisational Behaviour and Leadership at Antioch University (USA) teaching on the PhD program in Leadership and Change. She does research and consults in the fields of leadership, culture and diversity, and has published numerous articles and chapters nationally and...

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Retha Scheepers


Retha de Villiers Scheepers' main areas of expertise are innovation in large organisations, corporate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial decision-making. She works with organisations, large and small, public and private, to develop their innovation capabilities and finds the SynNovation...

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Sabine Amend


Sabine, founder of Kultur & Management (est. 1998 in Cologne) with headquarters in Dennver area (Colorado , USA) , and a subsidiary in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, has focused her practice in the areas of cross-cultural competency-development, global perspective-taking, and change/creativity. The motto of...

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Timothy Visser


Timothy Visser believes that innovation is the cornerstone of management and leadership: This is a key skill for those of us who wish to positively influence our environment - regardless of the fields in which we choose to make our contribution. Furthermore he believes it is important to encourage and grow...

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