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Facilitated Innovation and Change

Facilitated Innovation and Change programmes usually comprise several sessions, and all creativity and innovation training. All events are carefully planned with our clients, to identify issues to be addressed, the composition of workshop groups, and possible inputs needed. The consultants usually interview participants in confidence beforehand, to get a broader understanding of the issues on hand in order to ensure the workshop plan takes these into account. This also helps people to buy-in into the event. Issues addressed could include new vision and strategy planning, operational or technical problems, conflict management or elements of change management. This approach is ideal for team-building break-aways with lasting business and interpersonal benefits, and to ensure sustainable innovation.

Bfit to innovate - making new thinking and doing a way of life in BFI.

SynNovation is involved in a major innovation programme with BIDFood Ingredients. The Bfit project was launched at the Group's 12 August 2010 Management Workshop and the 13 August Sales Conference attended by over 300 people. "We intend making all of us in BFI, in all five divisions and all branches, FIT to innovate", said CEO Charles Singer. "Every staff member must feel free to suggest ways to improve our business - from small ideas that make us more efficient and profitable or help to improve quality - to new or improved products or services, or novel technology or products that could be real break-throughs".

Managing Directors in the five divisions are driving Bfit, and work with branch managers to take the project forward - by creating a climate in which new ideas will flourish. They are working closely with SynNovation to help everyone "to make innovation a way of life".

Staff members on all levels - including drivers, pickers and cleaners - are to receive basic training in the tools, behaviours and ground rules that promote innovation. Up to November 2010, SynNovation facilitators have held 13 workshops country-wide for Chipkins Bakery Supplies, with five of these shared with Crown National branches. The people have enjoyed the highly participative workshops, and several excellent new ideas have emerged and are already being implemented.

Forty-six BIDFood managers attended a workshop titled "Inspiring and managing innovation", in which they were introduced to the SynNovation approach, and worked together in groups addressing various tasks relevant to introducing innnovation in their divisions, and throughout the group. Left above, three groups are using new concepts on their own tasks. At the front table is Chipkins CEO Nigel Phillips. SynNovation facilitator Bertus Louw is standing - as he also made a video of the event . On the right, John Morris, CEO of Crown National, acts as scribe while a group of mainly Crown National people use the "Lateral Linking" tool that is used to improve products or services. In the red sweater is Charles Singer, CEO of BIDFood Ingredients, recently also promoted to CEO of BIDFood Services South Africa, which includes BFI. In the black jacket on the left is Gavin Keely of BIDFood Technology, who first introduced BFI to SynNovation; and far right is SynNovation facilitator Ronel Steyn.


People from different functions and divisions in BIDFood Ingredients had creative fun in a new product development workshop facilitated by Lu-Marie and Truida. On the left Mark Neilson, MD of BIDFood Solutions led a small group exploring special features a particular product should have.


Over 30 people from various functions in SASKO got together for a one-day workshop in which three SynNovation facilitators worked with them on new product ideas and technical solutions in three divisions of the group. Idea-sharing and cross-fertilisation was promoted by active small group thinking sessions.