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Enabling Strategic Innovation and Change

 Developing visions and strategies and facilitating changes that ensure current and future success

The process we use is highly participative, and is based on a few proven principles:

  • We create a climate that makes it easy for people to be open-minded and come up with unusual ideas.  
  • A few ground-rules, and the way we facilitate groups, ensure a receptive climate, energetic participation and efficient output in terms of quantity and quality, related to time spent.
  • Diversity of function, background, culture, age and gender of participants enhances cross-fertilisation of ideas, and provides valuable perspectives.
  • From many ideas generated, we select based on intrigue (rather than mere feasibility) to ensure we develop really new concepts, rather than "more of same".
  • We guide participants to commit to action plans to ensure new ideas are implemented effectively.
  • People are most creative and responsive when they are having fun - so our sessions are informal and designed to up the Fun Quotient, and thereby increase the useful output.


In facilitated group sessions, we help clients to find new ways to deal with complex issues, conflict, innovation or strategy development - anything that requires new thinking that needs to be followed up by effective implementation, with high levels of ownership. The approach, largely based on the internationally-recognised Synectics® process, provides a powerful way to get speculative new ideas to build and transform business, and manage change. The process is unique in the way we develop "way-out" ideas into practical, do-able solutions. We have adapted it for the South African situation and cultures, to promote synergy and collaborative approaches to issues.


Applications in which you can benefit from using the SynNovation approach include:

  • From a Total Innovation Programme (TIP) to smaller change initiatives
  • Change management and positive, participative transformation
  • Developing truly innovative products and services, often involving customers and / or suppliers
  • New ways to improve quality and productivity, or to approach persistent problems
  • Team-building, particularly where people from diverse cultures, functions or organisations need to learn to work together more effectively, drawing on the richness of their various backgrounds
  • Enhancing creativity and ensuring that new thinking is turned into practical action
  • Planning and achieving less time-consuming, more effective and participative meetings and conferences, with high levels of creativity, and strong ownership of the outcomes.

We plan and facilitate programmes tailor-made to clients' needs and various situations.These include:

  • Facilitated innovation and change programmes, usually comprising a series of structured workshops, one or more days in length, for a wide range of assignments to identify and prioritise a number of key issues and address them creatively and strategically.
  • Half-day to two-day sessions to address specific challenges creatively, including action plans.
  • Customer focussed innovation. Think-shops that produce break-through product or service innovation. Become customer driven by learning to really listen to clients or consumers, and to turn their wishes into new concepts or break-through products and services.