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Managing change, conflict, transformation, and mergers

Our facilitators develop programmes varying in length and scope and implement these with our clients, to simultaneously address a range of issues that would usually include several of the following :

  • diversity
  • transformation
  • creating a more participative climate
  • becoming more effective at innovation
  • conflict management
  • revitalising and energising the organisation
  • promoting more effective communication and open-mindedness.

In large programmes we can train in-house facilitators in the process to work along with us, and take the change programme forward. Vincent Nolan, former chairman of Synectics in the UK, a foremost writer on the process, and editor of "Creative Education", recently wrote to us: "I entirely agree with you that the most valuable applications of Synectics are in culture change, particularly conflict resolution and replacing the Argument Culture with a collaborative one."

Having used the process in Southern Africa since 1996, we have found that using it to build a climate of trust and collaboration, along with promoting constructive open communication and developing shared values and visions, is one of its most valuable applications. The principles work both in one-on-one relationships, and in groups where factors like competition for resources or recognition, conflicting goals, arrogance, over-modesty, cultural diversity, rapid change and uncertainty, and even poor management of interpersonal relations, have caused high levels of conflict and organisational politics. The approach is particularly valuable when companies are going through the challenges that accompany mergers and joint ventures.