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"Involve-all" conferences

Often conferences are great get-togethers, socially enjoyable and original; sometimes they mean a lot of talking by a few people and passive listening by many. Given the time and money many companies invest in conferences - they might as well get good value in return.We believe that get-togethers deliver more value, and are more enjoyable, if all present are actively involved. We can help you to plan and facilitate memorable conferences, where all will have contributed to the outcome. This is achieved by using a mix of plenary sessions, well-facilitated break-out groups and relevant special events. In this way your conference will produce useful, new ideas, that will help you to achieve results and enthusiastic follow-through.

At the BIDFood Ingredients annual sales conference in August 2010, ten SynNovation facilitators helped to ensure that the 300+ delegates from all five division in the BFI group were actively involved in group work, and creative problem-solving with action planning. Participants used several new thinking tools to which they had been introduced. The general comment was that the conference was very productive and great fun.


The SA Association of Food Science and Technology (SAAFoST) conference in Johannesburg and Cape Town were given a creative kick-start by Lu-Marie and Truida, respectively. A brief introduction on the principles and some tools ot the SynNovation approach created the opportunity for energetic small group participation, which also encouraged more active involvement in other, later sessions in the conference. Other conference speakers and SAAFoST president Rosie Maguire (right in rose jacket) also participated in the creative thinking exercise.