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Gender and Diversity

Truida pioneered work to develop the management potential of South African women in the 1970s, and has been working in the areas of gender and cultural diversity through workshops, mentoring and research for over 35 years.  Other areas of expertise and interest include diversity and change management, skills, personal and career development of individuals, particularly of people previously overlooked, such as women and people of colour.  As far back as 1966 she started and managed a mohair hand-weaving factory in Alicedale in the Eastern Cape, to create job opportunities for about 20 women in that village.

In 2003 she headed a team, that also included Lize Booysen, that conducted an extensive study for the South African Management Development Institute (SAMDI) on a needs analysis for gender training for the entire public service.  This study provided valuable insights into progress that has been made in the past 10 to 30 years – and areas still in need of development.  In 2005 she worked on a study for the Department of Science and Technology on policies to promote women’s participation in Science, Engineering and Technology in South Africa, conducted by the Human Sciences Research Council.

She also assists corporate and professional couples to bring life, family and career together effectively, and promotes cross-gender and intercultural communication.  Over the years Truida has played an active role in various women’s organisations, including the Women’s Bureau of South Africa, the Women’s National Coalition, Soroptimists and the Business Women’s Association.

Most other SynNovation  associates also work both locally and internationally in the areas of gender and diversity: Stella Nkomo, Lize Booysen, Devi Rajab, Melanie Burke, Tania Vergnani, Mabatho Seeiso Sabine Amend, Karen Harrison and Timothy Visser.

Lise and Stella facilitate a workshop on Gender and Cultural Diversity
Lise and Stella facilitate a workshop on Gender and Cultural Diversity