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Community Contribution

SynNovation concentrates its social investment activities in two main areas

The SynNovation team members are also all involved in various other community initiatives and NGOs, particularly in the field of education, HIV-AIDS-related issues and women’s advancement. They often work together on projects and sharing networks and resources.  Heinz has described a few of them as “serial do-gooders”.    

Collaborating for Community Safety

Lu-Marie was actively involved in the Sandton area with the Police Forum and in co-ordinating the safety initiatives of various churches. Truida works with various initiatives in the Muizenberg, Cape, area. The SynNovation approach is used to promote collaboration between diverse role players and generate creative action plans. Besides having served as a director of the Muizenberg Improvement District (MID) and on the local neighbourhood watch, MCSI, she started Safer Together with a group of friends to raise funds for safety-related equipment.  SynNovation associate Melanie Burke chairs Safer Together.  After starting tentatively in 2008, Safer Together has had many successful functions and is run as a Section 21 Company.