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About Us

SynNovation Solutions is a community of like-minded, independent consultants and academics with a wealth of experience and expertise.  Some of us have worked together on various projects over many years – from 1987 to 2000 mostly under Truida Prekel Consultants – sharing knowledge and professional opportunities, and developing creative approaches to address clients’ needs and assist in growing people and skills.  Our expertise includes collaborative innovation, change and conflict management, team effectiveness, leadership, management skills, communication, gender, diversity, personal development and quality assurance. 

SynNovation was started in 2000 at the initiative of Truida and Heinz Prekel and Lu-Marie Sobey.  In 1995 Truida and Heinz had been in the team that brought the internationally renowned Synectics innovation approach to South Africa.Synectics is regarded internationally as one of the two leading complete innovation processes that take novel ideas through from generation to implementation.  It is also very effective in managing transformation, and in promoting collaboration and personal development.  We have adapted and enriched it for use in Africa and internationally.  We also often combine the SynNovation approach with the appropriate mix of other skills and expertise that our associates offer.

As an “exempt” woman-owned small firm, SynNovation is BEE compliant on Level 4.